We are a Creative Studio. We do Brand Design, Strategy &
Content Creation.

Founded in 2016, and directed by Meital Weinberg-Adar & Dekel J. Maimon, our Creative Studio offers Branding & Content Creation services for brands, companies & projects, in Israel & abroad, looking to transform their vision into beautiful and emotion-driven visuals, with a unique feel, tone & style, with a life of its own.

Some of our clients

Our Process We believe in creating beautiful, emotion-driven content that functions for our client’s goals. we design a purpose-built solution that will suit your needs. From the get-go point of initialising the right strategy for your project, through to the creative process of designing and art-directing it, and all the way to the final stage of producing and bringing it to life.

  • Strategy

    Our understanding of the market combined with deep research of your brand characteristics to create a personalised strategic plan that works.

  • Branding & Concept

    Designed to define you from the rest through a Logo & a Concept that shows your strengths over your competitors.

  • Marketing Plan

    Building a yearly & a monthly plan, based on relevant Seasons, special calendars dates & specific market needs.

  • Art direction & Production

    Our professional creative team, with the help of external partners, specialises in Video Productions, Still Photography, Animation and much more.

  • Micro- copywriting

    Creating a tone of voice that speaks entirely you & your brand while relating with your current & future audience.

  • Social Media Managing

    Daily coverage of all your social media activities from A to Z, including Uploadings & Commenting, in accordance to your Demographic, Engagements & the marketing plan built specifically for you.

  • Web Design

    Designing & creating beautiful websites, defined by the brand's concept & consisting of specific tag language & SEO that relates to its strengths & meant to match Search Engines algorithms.

  • Performance

    We know how to run effective campaigns, Promoted or Financed, based on well-targeted audience & tracking performances, using digital tools like Adwords & Facebook Pixel. Our profound knowledge in Digital will keep your expenses at low & your satisfaction at high.

  • Influencers

    The perks of being a leading force in the industry, and the benefits of working with it... Though we’re well netted with all leading Influencers out there, we always keep tracking after new faces, new voices & new collaborations that meet your brand concept & campaign goals.

  • Events Production

    Let our networks & experience launch your new product, brand or idea with a Bang! From finding the perfect location & inviting the right crowd, down to the catering and flower arrangements. we got it all.

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